Beilinson Advisory Group is a consulting firm formed with the vision that today's complex operating environments and difficult financial markets require creative and aggressive solutions in order to maximize value in distressed and/or underperfoming companies.

In certain situations, sponsors and/or creditor constituencies may have lost confidence in management because they believe management fails to have the requisite leadership or tools to lead the company through a chronic decline, acute crisis, or long-term restructuring. In other situations, organizations must deal with the unexpected loss of management personnel.

Beilinson Advisory Group’s seasoned professionals can assume direct operating positions or serve in a consulting capacity as full-time leaders in charge of the restructuring process. Beilinson Advisory Groups' professionals have extensive experience managing urgent crisis and conflict environments, which so often require specialized crisis management skills to restore distressed businesses to health.

Areas of Focus

  • Provide critical senior management placement
  • Expedited identification and analysis of critical issues
  • Managing communication with constituents
  • Regular reporting and advice to the board of directors
  • Analysis, planning and implementation of restructuring alternatives, including bankruptcy

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