Beilinson Advisory Group is a consulting firm formed with the vision that today's complex operating environments and difficult financial markets require creative and aggressive solutions in order to maximize value in distressed and/or underperfoming companies.

Beilinson Advisory Group’s professional advisors have many years of experience helping financially distressed companies identify the best strategic solutions to withstand financial difficulties. While our goal is to help companies avoid a bankruptcy filing, in certain circumstances bankruptcy is the best course of action.

When a bankruptcy filing is appropriate, we help identify the best strategies that meet the needs of all constituents: owners, creditors and debtors. Beilinson Advisory Group’s professionals assist clients in every facet of a bankruptcy process prior to, during, and after filing, moving to a quick resolution with a plan of reorganization or sale of the business or its assets.

We offer a comprehensive array of service including:

Areas of Focus

  • Negotiation of debtor-in-possession financing
  • Analysis, planning and implementation of restructuring alternatives, including bankruptcy
  • Maximizing value through asset sale process
  • Regular reporting and advice to the board of directors
  • Advising on the retention and managing of other professionals (lawyers, financial advisors, etc.)

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